SKoA :

SCADA Konnex Autoconfigurable

SKoA (Scada-Konnex-Autoconfigurable) is a SCADA software framework that is user-configurable and can be executed on computers with Windows or Linux operating systems since we used Java as programming language. This framework provides a graphical interface in which the user can control, monitor and visualize in real time with or without human interaction the behavior of all Konnex devices in a building. This software framework can be automatically customized for each KNX installation by using a XML configuration file. This XML file represents the distribution of areas in the building and KNX devices that are installed in these areas. In order to facilitate the generation of the XML file, SKoA provides a software module that graphically assists the designer in an intuitive way to easily generate the configuration file. This XML file format also allows SKoA to get the KNX installation configuration from the new ETS4. Additionally, SKoA can automatically sends emails to up to three Internet addresses when alarms activate or when monitored data are periodically required to be sent. Finally, the time series of monitored data from different communication objects can be viewed on screen. In this way, the temporal analysis of a KNX installation is facilitated.

Hardware infrastructure of the KNX home system that supports the SKoA software framework. SKoA is a SCADA software that can remotely visualize, control and monitor the KNX installation

Overview of SKoA’s software modules